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  1. Joe Walsh Streaming New Song, "Lucky That Way"
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  3. Why ‘Lucky’ Should Earn the Late Harry Dean Stanton His First Oscar
  4. "We grieve because we love. How lucky we are to have experienced that love."
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Joe Walsh Streaming New Song, "Lucky That Way"

Here, he explains how to make "life design" choices that will cause luck to pop up more and more. You can be that lucky person who gets a raise or finds a great job. You can be that person who finds a wonderful life partner. You can be that lucky person who seems to always be able to find the good situations and then take advantage of them. One of my favorite posts I've ever written was Ten Tactics for Improving Your Luck , which covered ten simple things you can start doing right now to increase the "luckiness" of your life.

Here they are again:. While each of these things are great tactics for increasing the amount of luck in your life, I've found that there are many other things you can do to steadily increase the "luckiness" of your life over time.

Top articles in Careers

I was extremely lucky with the success of The Simple Dollar, for example. There were a lot of things that could have gone wrong with the growth in popularity of the site, but instead they went right. A lot of that was the result of efforts I made along the way, and they're things that anyone can do with almost any aspect of their life to drastically increase the amount of "luck" that comes their way. Most of these things are what I call "life design" choices. They're things you actively do in your life as part of a daily routine.

They're just how you do things, and over time, they produce opportunities and "luck. The rewards come in slowly, but when they start coming in, they often snowball. When you're faced with a mundane task, it is incredibly easy to somewhat blow it off and do it without focus. You'll type a simple report while your mind wanders elsewhere. You'll sweep the floor while thinking about what you want to be doing this weekend. The thing is that others notice our half-effort.

When we submit a half-baked report, the person receiving it can tell—and that reflects on you. When we don't sweep the floor well, the building manager notices that the floor is still dirty—and that reflects on you. A much better approach is to strive to do every task well. Sure, sweeping that floor is boring, but doing it well means that at worst it won't be noticed and at best, if it's noticed, it reflects well on you. Yes, many of the mundane tasks you do won't be noticed by others. It's not those times that matter. No matter how well or how poorly you do a mundane task, it probably won't be noticed.

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However, every once in a while, it will be noticed, and that occasional notice will go a long way toward shaping how others treat you in the workplace and in life. If you're seen doing excellent work, you become known for doing excellent work, and others will come to you for help with things.

This has happened with me many different times in my life. My efforts at my first college job led to a much better job. My efforts at my second job directly led to my first post-college career path.

Rediscovering My Father's World

These things didn't just happen because opportunities fell from the sky. They happened because I put forth a lot of effort on mundane tasks, and those efforts were noticed by others. Dinner conversation is a great opportunity to build a connection with the people you're dining with. It's a great opportunity for conversation of all kinds. Every single meal you eat is an opportunity for this type of conversation.

A meal eaten alone is a missed opportunity to build a relationship.

Why ‘Lucky’ Should Earn the Late Harry Dean Stanton His First Oscar

If you don't have an immediate opportunity to eat a meal with someone, what can you do? I highly recommend inviting people to dine with you. See if someone wants to eat together, particularly someone that is doing something that is of interest to you. I also highly recommend eating with a variety of people. Sure, dining with the same old gang is fun, but dinner guests allow you to build new relationships , as do new breakfast and lunch partners. I've been in countless social situations where someone is being talked about negatively, usually behind their back.

"We grieve because we love. How lucky we are to have experienced that love."

Almost every time, the person I end up disliking isn't the person who's being discussed, but the people who are talking. Who wants to be around a person who is just slamming someone else, particularly behind their back? I know I'm far from alone in feeling that way. Backstabbing and negative talk about others is just a big turn-off for me, so I strive to never, ever do it. I usually succeed, but not always. What do you do when there's a negative conversation about someone? I usually avoid it.

If I'm drawn in, I usually just say the person isn't all that bad and try to come up with something positive to say about them.

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  6. Over time, people realize that you're not going to knock them down behind their back—and they come to respect and value that. It's all about reputation, and you want a positive one. The best way you can do it is to not push others down—because you often fall right down with them. Few people are luckier than those who can step up with a needed skill in an important situation. The people that are able to do this are highly valued and opportunities come their way all the time. Of course, the way to be in that situation as often as possible is to have a plethora of skills. The more things you can do, the more often you'll be the person who can provide the right skill in a necessary situation.

    Spending your spare time building skills is a strongly effective use of your time. Learn how to play a musical instrument. Learn how to fix a hole in drywall. Learn how to dismantle a PC and replace the parts in it. Learn how to fix an overflowing toilet. Learn how to replace a bathtub drain. Learn how to properly fix the printers in your workplace. But this is my mother. Of course I want her to be happy, but also want her to have even more than that, I want her to be lucky.

    They help make our weather. I feel lucky to have a mother who considers herself lucky. And that is a beautiful atmosphere for a child live in, at whatever age you are. As with so much in life, our expectations shape our attitudes and our actions. So they created Flamingo. This shave set is your end-to-end routine in one reusable pouch.

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