Education for Liberation: The Top 20 Questions and Answers for Black Homeschoolers

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In her research of homeschooling methods she came across the concept of unschooling. She has since learned to embrace self directed education as she realized it's how she's learned best herself all along. Her 3 younger children are currently enrolled at Houston Sudbury School. Laura Grace Weldon is the author of Free Range Learning, a heavily researched and resource-packed handbook of natural education.

Stay Informed About The Movement

She lives on Bit of Earth Farm where she'd get more done if she didn't spend so much time reading library books, cooking weird things, and singing to livestock. Her background includes raising four self-directed learners, leading nonviolence workshops, writing poetry with nursing home residents, facilitating support groups for abuse survivors, and teaching classes in memoir and poetry. Connect with her at lauragraceweldon. Logan is currently a part-time Cook for Barro's Pizza, and a participant in the Discover Praxis program.

With Praxis he leverages his creativity, drive, and cooperative abilities to learn about the world of business so that he can work towards a lifetime of helping people. He look forward to the exposure of new environments in the coming years so that he can learn what it takes to make it in the world of business. Madison was homeschooled as a child, an experience that instilled in her an appreciation of learning as a lifelong and self-directed process. Her unconventional education included private tutoring, interning for the number 1 homeschool website www.

Madison loves to read, write, code and collaborate with others to create meaningful things. She's currently a junior developer and working on expanding her knowledge of software development. Matthew began seeking alternative educational environments halfway through college. From there, he moved to Mississippi to teach in a rural middle school and attend the Ole Miss on weekends. Matthew came to HVSS by way of a search for a place where he is permitted to respect children and teenagers as fully human beings.

She finds a way to include social justice work in all her interests, mostly character design and K-Pop. Mercer's passion for and commitment to self-directed learning were much of the inspiration for Arthur Brock Mercer's son's father to turn what was formerly the Manhattan Free School into the first Agile Learning Center.

Her passion has been to create human-focused, empowering cultures in the workplace. Most recently she has been responsible for close to 1, licensed insurance agents across four locations. These centers are known for being great work environments as a result of the work of Mercer and her team.

Mercer recently departed from her job and is serving as a Coordinator of the Agile Learning Center Network. Megan Baker runs a summer camp and an after-school care program in Austin, TX, and has a year-old son who self-directs his education. Megan is an advocate of the free-range movement and feels kids should be climbing trees and exploring independently again. She also writes about child abuse and racism in how we think and talk about that abuse. She is also an aspiring screenwriter and is currently working on a comedy. They discovered self-directed education at the tail end of their own conventional schooling at NYU's Gallatin School of Individualized Study, where their thesis explored the intersections of SDE, poetry, and the history of American education.

They're passionate about having open and honest discussions with children and other people about bodies, gender, emotional intelligence, brain plasticity, and cycles of growth. You can check out their art on Instagram and writing on their blog. Michelle began her career in education over 20 years ago, teaching English in Baltimore and the San Francisco Bay area before moving to Philadelphia.

UNSCHOOLING: Why More Black Families are Joining This Radical Education Movement

In Philly, she worked supporting student voice in service-learning programs, taught education courses at Temple University, and coordinated the Master's Program in Secondary Education at UPenn. She became increasingly disturbed by the disconnect between the effort she saw smart, dedicated teachers and students making, and the amount of learning actually occurring.

Although her partner, Reb, introduced her to democratic schools early in her career, it wasn't until she spent time with self-directed learners themselves that she became convinced. In , excited about enabling urban students to direct their own education, Michelle and Reb began assembling the Philly Free School Founders group. PFS opened in She loves staffing there, where she joins the students in the hard but rewarding work of growing into herself every day. Missy Willis, M. She has a degree in Psychology with a focus on child development and a masters in Special Education.

Over the past 20 plus years, she has worked at Duke University Medical Center, North Carolina State University, and in public and private schools in North Carolina before falling into homeschooling--the next, natural step on the respectful parenting path she and her husband embraced after their first child was born. Builder's Club is a middle school volunteer club sponsored by Kiwanis International. When she isn't writing and researching you can find her adventuring with her family, painting, gardening, or slowly working through the piles of books stacked by her bed.

She can be reached at missywillis live. Nancy Tilton founded ALC Mosaic in August of and currently serves as the Director of Education and daily facilitator with intermediate ages for the school. She has been studying child development and working with children for 18 years. She graduated high school with 24 early childhood credits through her local community college and then moved on to study Elementary Education at the University of Maryland.

From there she taught in public schools for 3 years, and then moved on to help grow a private Quaker school in Charlotte for 3 years. After these experiences, she decided to embark on an adventure creating a community school that works in collaboration with parents and students, something she didn't see happening in conventional public or private schools. ALC Mosaic opened in with 12 students and is currently serving over 70 students as it begins its 6th year in operation. Naomi Fisher is a clinical psychologist and mother of two.

She unschooled her children from and they now attend a democratic school. She has an eclectic range of interests including self directed learning, psychological responses to trauma and child development. She is particularly fascinated by how children learn and how the adults around them can help or impede that process. She writes about psychology, self-directed learning and a range of other topics. Patrick Farenga brings more than 34 years of fieldwork, advocacy, and personal experience to help parents and children learn in their own ways. Farenga is a writer and education activist who addresses academic and general audiences about working with children, not on children, to help them learn.

Farenga worked closely with one of the founders of the modern homeschooling movement, the late author and teacher John Holt, and published Growing Without Schooling magazine GWS. GWS was the nation's first periodical about learning without going to school, started by Holt in and ending in Farenga speaks as a homeschooling expert at education conferences around the world as well as on commercial radio and television talk shows in the United States The Today Show, Good Morning America and abroad.

He is also a founding member of AlternativesToSchool. After doing some consulting for the BCG for 3 years, Ramin realized his thirst for living a happy, meaningful life. He tried teaching Math and Physics in high school for 3 years, where he realized how inefficient the system for children to learn what truly matters in life. He then discovers democratic schools and more particularly Sudbury schools. He discovers that the French education Law doesn't make school compulsory. He feels like he was cheated all this time, and that there surely exists a healthier way to view education, free from imposed curricula, timetables and age groups.

After reading A. Neill's Summerhill and attending a EUDEC Conference in Copenhagen in , he's so convinced that this is the very future of education that he starts up a Sudbury School in Paris with partners he finds along the way. He also encourages the team to develop EUDEC France in parallel by organizing national conferences, paving the way for a whole generation of democratic school projects. In her life before self-directed enlightenment, she developed and directed a learning center at a small university in the Midwest, where she also taught English and humanities.

Later, she ran away to a subtropical island and worked as associate editor and columnist for a advocacy newspaper. Among her greatest regrets is not coming to Self-Directed Education sooner so her oldest children could've known earlier the genuine joy and growth that free children enjoy and all children deserve. Attemps to re-dignify Play as the original vehicle for learning. Vicki is an independent research consultant with a passion for education and creativity. She is dedicated to connecting students and parents to educational opportunities, particularly in areas of science, technology, engineering, art, and math STEAM.

After leaving the Air Force, Vicki dedicated her time to raising her five children. During this period, she learned a great deal about methods and efficacy of various educational models including Montessori and homeschooling. She has worked with lower elementary-aged students at the Montessori School of San Antonio and has directed competition robotics teams and nonprofit organizations dedicated to STEAM education. She has also been an active board and committee member on various health system foundations where she has been the champion of creativity and education. She also has younger children who benefit tremendously from the various creative and innovative learning opportunities in Pittsburgh.

Yanira Castro is a Digital Marketing expert with 20 years of experience in marketing, public relations and branding. She has worked in markets around world and consults with organizations on unifying and creating a strong digital presence. Yanira has been a keystone to the marketing departments of notable brands including Chipotle Mexican Grill and California Pizza Kitchen.

She participates in national environmental advocacy opportunities, including an eight-day rafting trip to one of the most remote areas in the United States, the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.

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Yoni Kallai is big kid who spends most of his time in Brooklyn where he performs, trains and teaches partner acrobatics at The Muse Brooklyn , a circus studio in Bushwick. Yoni is also a co-founder and summer camp staffer of play:ground , a unique junkyard playground on Governors Island, which allows children to play freely with different materials and items that could be considered as junk, along with tools to allow for building and destroying.

Parents are not allowed into the playground and are encouraged to sit back and relax. Yoni firmly believes in the benefits of self directed play and education and works to bring that to as many young people as possible. Children teach her a raw, uncompromising respect for human nature. She is a dance and movement practitioner and teacher, co-founder of EUDEC Greece , the originator of Ensoma and the founder of an inter-age theater collective based on democratic council active in theatre practice and research.

Her concerns are freedom of choice in educational matters, open scores, art not only for art's sake, theatrical alchemy and integrating the arts of movement, sound and touch into education. Enjoying Tipping Points? Learn about the people who are making it happen. Abigail Oulton.

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Alexander Khost. Becka Koritz. Ben Draper. Blake Boles. Bria Bloom. Brian Huskie. Bruce Smith. Cara DeBusk. Cassidy Younghans. Chantal Saucier. Chetan Erande. Claire Russell. David Lane. David O'Connor. Deborah Sale-Butler. Elena Goodson. Gary Bloom. Black Theology-Essays on Gender Perspectives. Preaching Liberation. Is there a unique relationship between being black in North America and at the same time believing in, worshipping, and following the way of the God of freedom, through the example of Jesus Christ the liberator and the ongoing empowerment of the Holy Spirit?

This book introduces you to black liberation theology and answers these questions as it traces the development of black religion, and the first and second generations of black theologians expounding the findings of each generation, how they are related, and how they differ. Womanist theology black female religious scholars and clergy women is also explained and addressed tracing its intellectual developments, historical backdrop and current status.

The book concludes with a section on black theology and its relation to other third world liberation theologies such as African, Latin American and Asian and an overview of the challenges for black theology today. Related Products. Dwight N. Deotis Roberts.

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James H Evans. Have a question about this product? While forces always have tried to limit our options in America, we, in turn, have always resisted and pushed for the ability to create our own opportunities for quality education. Despite some of the rhetoric about charter schools, school choice has long been a staple in Black communities.

For us, this journey did not begin 25 years ago. People find it surprising that Malcolm X, in the s, advocated for community schools—schools wholly apart from the traditional public schools in Harlem. Black Panther Party members also created schools to ensure that Black students were receiving the quality of education they deserved. Activists, including teachers, launched over 40 Freedom Schools in Mississippi to respond to the wholly inadequate and racist school systems thrust onto our communities. The school is an agent of social change.

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  5. Students must know their own history. Questions should be open-ended. Developing academic skills is crucial.

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    Financially strapped parents—like both sets of my grandparents—who saw education as the North Star to liberation scraped together meager earnings to send their children to private school, even while paying taxes for a persistently failing neighborhood school. My mother exercised school choice for similar reasons that her mother did. Black families pursuing educational justice cannot be bound to neighborhood schools that have struggled to properly educate children for generations. Nidhamu Sasa was one of several local and national examples of entire communities exercising school choice.

    I never attended a traditional public school in the United States until my 10th grade year. My siblings were homeschooled after my mother pulled them out of the neighborhood elementary school that would, over 20 years later, become a charter school. We study history to learn from it, but it also warns and inform us. Sharif El-Mekki is the principal of Mastery Charter School—Shoemaker Campus, a neighborhood public charter school in Philadelphia that serves students in grades

    Education for Liberation Interview w/ Baba Sekou