Cassies Guide to Choosing an Arch Nemesis

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Legendary cards with tips on when to use them. Useful cards - if you received a card that is not on this list except legendaries , you can consider disenchanting it to get essence for something more useful. A list of popular loadouts with tips on how to use them. Some loadouts are also listed because of their very low essence cost.

For champions that I don't play often myself, many loadouts were imported from his account. Androxus, the Godslayer Flank Gold Hard Potentially one of the strongest champions on the game, rewards good aim and mechanics. Mastering his dash ability using it to dodge enemy shots and instantly flicking to your target after every dash will get you a long way. Shorter dashes, but more frequent Reversals, which refund 1.

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Barik, the Engineer Front Line Gold Easy Solid front line that specializes in holding the objective and area denial. A common tactic is to put turrets behind a corner and drop a shield whenever somebody tries to contest your position. Due to his low health, heavily relies on Healing Station for sustain. Legendaries: Architectonics - empowers your turrets and reduces their cooldown, making it the best all around choice Fortify default - makes the Barricade much beefier, only useful if you take the shield cards, and kind of falls apart against Wrecker Blunderbuss - even after Barik's weapon change, this card is still underwhelming.

Architectonics usually provides more damage and the reduced turret cooldown is very helpful. The turret cards aren't mandatory if you want to save some essence. Bomb King, the First Pick Damage Gold Medium Originally one of the highest skill cap champions in the game, got significantly easier to play after the lag compensation fix. Slightly toned down in OB47, but still very powerful. Since landing sticky bombs can be very difficult, it is more common to detonate them in the air, relying on their area damage, but it requires learning the timings depending on how far the enemy is.

Soulcalibur II - Cassandra FAQ (ARC)

Level of Air Blast depends on preference. Buck, the Bully Flank Gold Medium Flanker with enormous health pool and high sustain, perfect for bullying that Viktor or Kinessa around. Falls very quickly to focus fire, so take care when choosing your engagements. Please don't fall into the Deft Hands trap - while it might seem very tempting due to his slow reload, in the long run you will hurt yourself by not being able to play with Cauterize or Wrecker. You can even drop Giga Siphon to make a super budget build. Very aim reliant due to the importance of Incitement card, which allows her to play more like a flanker.

Cassie Cage Combos and Introduction - MK11 Beginner/Intermediate Tutorial

Awful default deck, don't touch her if you can't afford the cards. If you miss, you die. Extremely aim reliant. Drogoz, the Lizard Damage Free Easy Very solid damage champion, fairly easy to play due to lots of splash damage.

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Fire Spit into Salvo is an extremely damaging combo, doing around 2K damage to everyone in a large area if you can land it. One of the few champions with three viable legendaries. Awful default deck, so he requires high essence investment to play properly. Legendaries: Combustible default - good area control with knockbacks, high potential if you learn to juggle enemy tanks into your team. However, Masterful card seems to be bugged currently, which makes this card a less viable option. Fusillade - extremely high single target damage if you land direct hits, capable of two-shotting most champions.

Wyrm Jets - less damage, but high mobility if survival is an issue. Still boasts the highest mobility in the game, and is still a solid pick to counter less mobile damage dealers like Viktor, Kinessa, Tyra. Reprieve default - good choice due to a strong get out of jail card in Ice Block. Wormhole - opens up a different playstyle with high sustain and safe poke, my personal favorite. Fernando, the "This is a hot team, it is like a normal team, but with me in it" Front Line Free Easy Fairly easy to play, though not valued highly in the current meta due to lack of pressure.

Legendaries: Aegis default - pretty good for a shield oriented build, but prepare to cry when enemies start picking up Wreckers. Formidable - still awful even after the buff, Aegis adds more survivability than the long cooldown heal, especially against Cauterize assuming it is affected. Scorch - good for a more aggressive build. Make sure you have someone else contesting the point or your team won't be too happy. Used to be much stronger when Fireball healing reduction stacked with Cauterize. Offers insane pressure against stacked up teams, especially if they lack shields. Legendaries: Maelstrom - insane Shock Pulse spam makes him a very powerful pick against stack comps, especially ones with deployables Barik, Ying.

Totemic Ward - the card if you need to solo heal, though he suffers from the same issues as Grover, aka leaving the team vulnerable while the totem is on cooldown. Wraith default - makes him very annoying to kill, but doesn't do anything otherwise. Grover, the Sniper Support Gold Easy Easy to play support, offers solid healing, but is heavily countered by Cauterize.

Deep Roots offers amazing utility, which is the prime reason for picking him. Legendaries: Deep Roots - one of the strongest legendaries in the game, a guaranteed kill on almost anyone hit by it if your team has half a brain. Ferocity - just pick Kinessa instead. Julia reveals that she deployed her Volt Weapon, a Type-SSS which takes the form of two fairly large levitating metal sickles. With the name Maverick , Julia does not use her weapon outside of dangerous situations, and Cassie is dangerous.

Julia also reveals that her Type-SSS is the origin of her sonic abilities, meaning they can release sonic waves as well.

Chapter | Freezing Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Julia admits that Cassie's Accel is truly unavoidable, but if Julia releases Omnidirectional sonic waves, there isn't a need to try to avoid Cassie's attack, as Julia ill wave been caught in her web. Julia continues to explain that Cassie's Quadruple is Mack 2 while her sonic attacks are Mach 3. From now on, Cassie will no longer be able to damage her or evade her attacks. Cassie challenges such a confidence. The fierce battle between Elizabeth and Charles begins.

Charles uses her unique Typhoon Tempest right of the bat. Elizabeth counters by firing another shot from the same range but Charles evades. Elizabeth then comments that Charles' power is superior to hers, but Limiter-wise Elizabeth has the upper hand, initiating a Accel Turn to kick Charles from behind, but proves in vain yet again with Charles escaping and releasing a flurry of blows on Elizabeth.

The English Pandora then sees that Charles could have already mortally wound Elizabeth but chose to deal only light damage instead, to which she comes to the conclusion that Charles is only trying to ridicule her. Elizabeth tries to fire curved aerial attacks, but Charles transitions from Typhon Tempest to another Tempest technique: Division Shower , which allows her to evade with more efficiency since she is controlling fewer clones. While Charles toys with Elizabeth, she tries to come up with a plan to counter Charles.

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However, the Animorphs toys were commercially unsuccessful and the toy line was soon cancelled. After the cancellation, several toys planned to be part of the Animorphs line were slightly remodeled and released as part of the Beast Wars Mutants line. A television series of the same name ran from September to March in the United States and Canada. Animorphs comprised 26 episodes over two seasons, which aired on YTV first season and Global second season in Canada and Nickelodeon in the United States. In September , several film websites began reporting rumors that Universal Pictures had plans to adapt the book series into a film, based on a report by the film website The Tracking Board.

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